General Information


Planetography sells fine art photographic images.


Our photographs were taken in national parks, state and local parks, cities, and other inspiring places in and around the United States. We have also shot on locations in Canada and throughout Europe, although these photographs are not currently on-line.

Lance and Windflower reach locations by car, hiking, and backpacking.

Subject Matter

We have scenic landscapes, subject photographs, and abstracts. There are some architectural photographs and an occasional wildlife image.

You can use the keywords on the Search page to find images with subject matter or content you are interested in.

Only a small portion of our image portfolio is on-line. We have over 11,000 images in our portfolio. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us and we can check if we have what you seek. We add photographs to our web site and our collection on a regular basis. Please check back regularly for new material.


Digital prints are produced by scanning slides and printing on a professional photographic Inkjet printer. The digital process produces high quality, archival prints suitable for framing. All prints are either varnished (for canvas) or sprayed (for traditional prints) to protect the surface from air and moisture.

A variety of mat, frame, and glass options are available, and are selected as part of the purchase process.

Custom configuration services may be requested by contacting us at directly.

Copyright Protection

All Planetography images are copyrighted by the photographers, with all rights reserved. Duplication of prints, digital images, or other media is expressly prohibited without explicit written permission from the photographer. Prints may not be reproduced. Purchased photographs may be used only for single location display purposes. No reproduction is permitted.

The web site, including but not limited to layout, images, navigation, code, and techniques is also protected by copyrights, with all rights reserved.

Web Site

Windflower and Lance designed, developed, and programmed the Planetography web site themselves. They used Microsoft's FrontPage, Adobe's PhotoShop 5.0, 7.0, and CS, and ImageMaker, Apache 2.0, TextPad, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and other tools. Our image portfolio and pricing is managed by an off-line database. We utilize scripts to publish the dynamic content, allowing for quick and error-free updates to the web site. Dynamic web pages are controlled with Perl CGI scripts on the server side and JavaScript on the client side (the web site predates the popularization of XML and XSL style sheets). We pushed as much action to the browser client as possible to speed up the site for 56k modem speed connections.

The Planetography web site is served by ViaVerio using T3 connections for connection to the Internet backbone. Security is provided using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and certificates. More information on security can be found on the Security page.

Company Location

Planetography is based in Austin, Texas.

Contact Us

The preferred way to reach us is by email.

Send comments and questions about our website to .

Send other inquires to .

We will respond to your questions and comments as quickly as possible.

Of course, regular mail works too:
7407 Attar Cove
Austin, TX 78759-3708

We welcome comments and suggestions.